Majesty in Action!

From Chris Brouelette: “I got a shoutout from Sterling By Music Man Guitars for playing their new Majesty model at the Del Mar fair last week!! I’ve absolutely loved all my SBMM Guitars thus far, but this instrument is next level. Buttery smooth to play, and the boost circuit in the volume pot gives it the perfect amount of “sing.” I can’t say I’ve ever been any happier with a guitar right out of the box than this beauty. Perfection!”CBrouelete-MusicManshot

Majesty in action!
Christopher Brouelette, guitarist for Southern California Dream Theater Tribute Systematic Chaos, rocks the new Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci Signature JPM6 Majesty at San Diego’s Del Mar Fair this past weekend.
If you are in the Southern California area, you can see Chris and Systematic Chaos live at Malarkey’s in Long Beach on July 16, and as a headline performing act at the World Famous Orange County Fair on July 30.
Chris has been a long time player/supporter of Sterling By Music Man, owning JP60’s, JP70’s, JP100D’s and just recently added the new JP157 and the pictured JPM6 Majesty to his stable of instruments. He was also featured on the rear cover of our 2014 Sterling By Music Man catalog! Chris, thank you for the support, and rock on \m/!

Poster Boy for Sterling Guitars!

Our guitar player, Chris, is a proud user of Sterling by Music Man JP100 and JP70 guitars, and will be featured in their 2014 catalog! Head over to SBMM and like their page! (And thanks for the SBMM support!!)
We are proud to announce the selections for our Sterling By Music Man 2014 Catalog Image Submission!
Thank you to everybody for your submissions!
These SBMM owners will be featured on the Back Cover and Inside Back Cover of our 2014
Chris B - Sterling

SC Promo on DT Intermission Video

CONFIRMED: There’s a rumor going around that part of our promo video is being used in the DT intermission video while on their tour!! Help us find the video of it, or make sure to post it here if you see them soon!

FOUND IT!!! Systematic Chaos is featured at :52 seconds into the video with Chris Wilshire tearing up the Metropolis bass solo! Thanks to the Dream Theater guys for their support of our tribute to them!

Thanks Dream Theater! You guys are awesome!

here is the clip: